K&K Dance Dreamz has an excellent recreational dance program. Our limited class sizes and professional instructors ensure that each dancer receives the attention they deserve. Our mission is to develop all dancers into well-rounded, confident performers, regardless if they are training for a professional career or simply dancing for fun. The benefits of dance are endless and move well beyond basic motor skills, coordination and general fitness. Develop confidence, creativity, concentration and great friendships!

Classes available for ages 2.5 and up. Click “Schedule” tab at the top of the homepage to view classes & times available. It’s not too late to register- call 905 201 8909 and let Directors Kyla & Kim help you find the perfect program for your dancer!


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At K&K Dance Dreamz, we are eager to share our love of dance with your child. The benefits of dance are endless and move well beyond basic motor skills, coordination and general fitness. Whether they take class once a week or become involved in an intensive program, dance allows your child to develop coordination, creativity, concentration, social skills and self-confidence, all in a safe and fun environment.

Annual Recital

All recreational and competitive dancers will participate in our year-end recital at the Flato Markham Theatre in June. The annual recital is an opportunity for dancers to showcase their accomplishments and learnings from the dance season. This program runs September – June, and each class will perform in the show, with the exception of non-performance and technique classes. A dress rehearsal for recreational routines will take place prior to the recital in full costume. Every class performing in the show will also require the purchase of a costume and participate in group and individual photos at our Recreational Picture Day in the spring.

Picture Day photos and Recital Videos are included with your registration at no extra charge! Click schedule tab to view classes/times available.



Class descriptions

K&K Dance offers recreational and competitive programs across various disciplines for aspiring dancers. In every class, we deliver a fun and rewarding student experience that focuses on the development of coordination, strength, creativity and rhythm, while building self-confidence and self-discipline.



Acro is a specialized discipline that combines the art of gymnastics and dance. Training is focused on developing strength and flexibility. Students will begin with the basics such as back bends/bridges, front rolls and cartwheels and then progress to more difficult moves.


Ballet is a fundamental discipline for all types of dance training. This beautiful but challenging dance form enhances technique and builds strength for all other dance classes. Ballet is mandatory for members of the K&K Dance Dreamz Inc. Competitive Company.


This class combines elements of Jazz, Ballet and Modern Dance. It consists of innovative combinations and choreography that allow dancers to explore their own style, develop creativity and improve technique.


This popular street-style dance form is constantly evolving and often seen in your favourite music videos. Inspired by culture and the latest in hip-hop music, these energetic classes improve rhythm and style, and provide a great workout too. We emphasize age appropriate music and movement.


Energetic and fast-paced, Jazz enables students to learn technique and style while improving coordination. Jazz encompasses a wide variety of styles performed to popular music, both new and old.


This discipline successfully merges the elegance of ballet and intensity of Jazz, with an emphasis on developing grace, expression and fluidity. It calls dancers to interpret and convey the lyrics and emotion of the music through movement.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre allows students to showcase their theatrical talents, while improving expression and performance ability. The combination of drama and dance encourages students to lose their inhibitions, gain confidence and work on routines inspired by musicals, movies and/or character portrayals.

Song & Dance

This class combines vocal technique exercises with dance training to develop dancers with “Triple Threat” capabilities. It also focuses on musicality and a love for performing.


Let’s make some noise! Students will learn the fundamentals of both traditional and contemporary styles of tap. All classes emphasize the importance of rhythm, timing and coordination.